We Are Passionate About What We Do.

du Toit Arch is a Multi-Talented Architectural Studio
We focus on producing the best product we can by using our honed skills and experience. With a stint of working abroad in an international office, we have the experience needed to create up to date designs on an international level. As a professionally registered architectural practice, we know the importance of creating work that will last. It is our responsibility to provide a high quality standard of work.

We offer a multi-discipline service, from a full Architectural service to creating stunning 3D renderings and videos.

We look forward to working with you.

3D Visualisation

Communication is the keyword. In the olden days, one of the most difficult parts of any project was the ability to convey the design intent to the client. Most architects developed rendering skills through sketch and painting. Now technology allows us to show the client how we interpreted their brief. We create 3D still rendered CGI (computer generated images), animated videos and 360° VR (virtual reality) of any design. If you need to sell your design, this is the way to do it!

Interior Design

No architectural design is complete without a proper interior approach to it. Whether it is custom built furniture, or just the colour of paint used on a wall, the wrong choice can break the intended feel of the desired design apporach. We offer interior design services, from new installations, additions, renovations, to even furniture layouts...


Each project is different, which will require only certain stages. As stipulated by SACAP these are the guidelines to the standard services rendered by Professional Architects.

Stage 1: Inception

Stage 2: Concept Viablity

Stage 3: Design Development

Stage 4.1: Local Authority Submission

Stage 4.2: Construction Documentation

Stage 5: Construction

Stage 6: Close-Out

These stages can be tailored to fit your needs. From initial design to as-built plans